About us

Dreams are funny things - they can keep your head in the clouds or they can be the fuel that moves you into going places and doing things that you never thought possible. The latter is our story of how we came to be Alpaca Farmers.

When we moved to New England in 2014 we bought a property with enough land to potentially have a small farm someday. After unpacking boxes and (barely) getting settled into our new home, we started on an adventure of learning all we could about alpaca, farming, fencing, fleece, and more. The more we learned and the more people we met, the more excited we got about the opportunity.

Someday quickly became TODAY and in the space of less than 3 months it went from a dream in our heads to a reality with a enclosed paddock and pasture, custom designed alpaca barn, and our starter herd of 4 beautiful animals: Winnie, Irene, Little Black Dress, and, of course, Pearl.

We not only survived, but thrived the worst winter in recorded history in terms of temperatures and particularly snowfall but came out even stronger as a result.

We added 3 more alpaca to our herd in the Spring of 2015 with Rose, Summer, and Stephannie's mom's alpaca, Honkytonk Angel. We had a great summer together and eagerly awaited the arrival of our first cria (baby alpaca) in the fall. As our 2 baby boys grew, we knew they needed some friends to round out their herd so Avenger and Sterling joined us. Now were at 11 plus our 2 tiny schnauzers and 1 super fluffy English Angora rabbit, Monty.

We've got something else very exciting up our sleeves but you'll need to keep in touch to be updated as we progress - but it's going to be Very Big News!

Thanks for following our journey. Please give us a call if you'd like to come by and visit. And remember that dreams come true everyday!